Our Purpose

The Airworks Experience

Your needs are unique. And so is our program

Rooted in history and strengthened by science. Airworks provides bespoke breathwork-based programs to solve your sleep, anxiety, and stress concerns. This investment in mental fortitude can improve our relationships, business outcomes, and overall success. Our goal is to help you engage your breath to empower your life.

Our tools

Airwork coaching:

Breathwork is the most important part of our program. It is the fastest way to hack your mind and drives physiological changes in the way we tackle stress, anxiety and sleep. Our coaches are highly trained in bringing authentic Eastern breathwork practices tailored for modern times. Want breathing techniques for stress, anxiety or sleep? Have only a few minutes to practice? Whatever your situation is, we will have a breathwork solution for you

Behavioral Coaching:

Our behavioral health coaching helps make microhabitual changes in your day to day routine that better help deal with life’s challenges and avoid situations that trigger your stress and anxiety

Curated Journey

Personalized Support:

Each member is assigned a personal coach who supports you through your journey. The coach is responsible for designing a program that suits your needs and goals and ensuring you remain on track

On Your Schedule

Our programs are planned in such a way that you spend anywhere between 10 minutes to 45 minutes daily on various activities. The regime can be tweaked based on your goals, preferences, and schedule.

How we work: A care program delivered by your personal coach

About Us

AirWorks = Ancient Tools + Modern Science

AirWorks exists to make ancient, effective tools accessible to present day busy individuals looking for a sustainable, effective, and long-term solution to sleep, stress and anxiety challenges.

Our story

The breath has played a very transformational role in Neha’s own personal journey.

Neha was pained by the fact that while there was a spectrum of solutions and providers that were trying to address mental well-being.. But something was missing..

Existing mental well-being solutions were either incomplete or provided only symptomatic relief while having long term side effects.

On the other end of the spectrum were very authentic breathwork tools that had great healing potential, but for some the tools were not able to appeal to a wide audience.

Neha is inspired by her own transformation and fuelled by the passion to make these breathing techniques more widespread and accessible without losing the authenticity of the techniques.

Neha Saxena, CEO